Buy App Review

Buy App Review

  May 03, 2014
Image There has been a lot of talk about Flappy Bird and other apps buying app reviews to get to the top of the charts in the app store. And why wouldn't there be. Thousands of developers put apps in the store every day and 99% don't make a dime off the labor of love. We've been there. Spending weeks and months designing an app only to have it flop in the app store. And in the first six months of Flappy Bird's little life, it did flop, until it started getting reviews.

We noticed the more reviews Flappy Bird got, the higher rankings it achieved in the app store charts. Good for him, and good for you too. Because this tells us something. This teaches us that if you buy app reviews, you are more likely than not to get better rankings in the app store. Better rankings mean more downloads and more ratings, its a vicious loop that can carry an app to the top of the store if its good enough.

The biggest problem here is that its against Apples TOS to purchase reviews for your apps, this is called fraud. And you can get some heat from the FTC for committing fraud. No worries though. We have the solution to your problems.

We here at developed a platform that makes sure you don't pay for reviews from the reviewer's of your app. This way it keeps your butt covered if they ever come asking. The platform works by exchanging ratings between users of the system for free. The system is completely confidential, so you will never know who rated your apps, and vice versa. This takes fraud out of the equation.

What it adds is more ratings and reviews. It keeps you safe from having to buy app reviews for your apps, and in the end, gets you great feedback and boosts your rankings in the app store. Its a win-win situation for you and everybody involved.

What we think will help you the most is other developers that rate your app with be giving real and genuine feedback. So instead of asking your sister if she likes your app you can ask somebody that actually knows how they should look and perform. They aren't going to sugar coat it.

A word of advice, don't buy app reviews! If you get caught Apple will ban your account and never let you play in the gold mine ever again.


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